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Reflexology: Services

Shamanic Rituals

Healing with for Four Elements


Shamanic Massage

Is a beautiful healing experience of the

body's own life.

 It will work not only in your physical body,

it will work on the subtle energy of your body,

mind and soul. 

Is a relaxing, cleansing and nourishing way

to balance yourself.

The Shamanic massage is based on teachings

of the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess

and being guided by the four elements.

Earth, Air, Water and Fire, 

the power of nature and its spirits. 

I integrate breathing, herbs, sounds, mantras

to cleansing and helps to unblock energies that

are stagnate in the body from daily life or 

from our ancestors we may not be aware of.

Shamanic Energy Cleansing

Is align you with the wisdom of your individual soul

and to connect you with the divine being depending

on how you refer to the source energy

present around and within us.

When the chakras or the meridians are

out of balance, pain blocks the flow of energy

that goes through them, and

we run the risk of trapping pain in areas of our

body that can manifest as emotional and

physical stress.

Shamanic energy cleansing is going to be with

voice sound and instruments, herbs and smudges. 

Shamanic Herbal Bath

Is a delightful warm herbal bath with specific herbs

and flowers for your own needs.

It helps the body to relax, energy cleansing and energyse, 

Is very recommended after the Shamanic energy cleansing

to close the experience relaxing and energising.

Shamanic  Massage

90 MIN........................................£125.00

120 MIN .....................................£165.00

For the other treatments contact me.

*Call for home visit price


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