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My name is Suraia Taha a priestess of the Four Elements.

I'm massage therapist, reflexologist, sound and shamanic healer. 

I have always been interested in wellbeing and holistic methods of healing all things spiritual and mystic.

Over ten years expanding my knowledge I am sure that providing relief, balance, ease and softness

through my treatments is what I want to dedicate my energy and life too.

My mission is to help you to heal yourself, develop greater body awareness, feel softer,

more open and spacious, and connect to your true self from the place of stillness,

and at which you can arrive during the treatment. 


I am a great believer in the connection between the mind, body and spirit and I treat my clients holistically,

adjusting each session to suit individual clients’ needs. 

Each treatment is bespoke, and depending on the client, can be relaxing, energising, soothing and/or remedial. 

I believe that communication and trust between myself - the therapist- and you - the client-

is invaluable and essential for a good treatment.

I understand how crucial it is for you to feel safe and relaxed and I take my time, attentively, consulting you

and actively listening to your needs. I do my best to hold a safe and open space and

encourage you throughout the treatment to communicate openly and honestly about how you feel. 

I want as much as you do for your treatment to feel great and for you to come out feeling renewed,

more aligned, more balanced and harmonious. 

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